Baloch female freedom fighter bomb Quetta shop

QUETTA: Two shops were destroyed and a shop owner injured when the women’s wing of the Baloch Republican Army (BRA) bombed a shop on the Mezan Chowk here on Tuesday. The blast occurred at around 1pm in a juice shop in one of the most crowded business centres of the provincial capital, destroying two neighbouring shops and injuring one of the shop’s owner. “The blast occurred shortly after a woman wearing a veil left the shop. She must’ve left explosives in the shop,” the owner of the juice shop told Daily Times. The women’s wing of the BRA, a hitherto unknown armed group struggling for a separate Baloch homeland, claimed responsibility for the blast. “We accept responsibility for the bomb blast,” said Gohar, spokeswoman of the women’s wing of the BRA in telephone calls to several newspaper offices. She claimed to have personally put the explosives in the shop. “More such attacks would be carried in the future,” she warned.


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3 responses to “Baloch female freedom fighter bomb Quetta shop

  1. If ur mother was Zarina Baloch and was in Pakistani torture cells u wouldn`t say “Pakistan Zindabad ” instead u would say ” Pakistan Mordabad”.

    Balochistan Zindabad
    Long live BLF-BLA-BRA

  2. ahmed usman

    plz for god sake we all punjabis love you like our own brothers sisters your mothers are our mothers we are the part and parcel of each other and have seen all good and bad times together for the last 60 years ,there is no doubt in it that you have suffered a lot and we all pakistanis realize it and sincere in solving your problems but please please think to unite not to divide cuz this is what our enemy wants and pouring their all efforts to achieve their dirty goal of disintegrating strong nuclear pakistan remember one thing we would be of no worth being punjabi baluchi sindhi or pathans our strength is pakistan
    suraj hai sarhad kee zameen,dil apna mehran hai ,dharkan hai punjab agar ,chand balochistan hai mein bhee pakistan hoon, too bhee pakistan hai

    • Asadullah Baloch

      this is very old story ur telling Mr. Ahmed Usman
      for the last 60 years many Punjabis are telling Balochs are our Brothers and Sisters but on the otherhand they killing our top leaders, thousands of balochs been arrested, and what they are doing to our sister Zarina Mari. Punjabis are calling themselve Muslims but they dont know what is the meaning of being a muslim. A non Muslim country would have thought thousands of time to do Such kind of Behavior with balochs… but punjabis are………

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