3 Baloch leaders arrested

MASTUNG: The police have arrested three leaders of BRP on Tuesday. According to police officials, the arrested persons included District President BRP Qadir Baloch, Zulfiqar and Jhanzeb. Police shifted the three Baloch leaders to unknown location.

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  1. There is a news that three Baloch leaders of BRP have been arrested by
    police and they have taken to unknown
    place. Paki authorities boast that after
    displacement of Musharraf from the rule; they will honour the new democratic set up by guaranteeing the
    basic human rights to all citizens. Can
    they justify their jungle laws under which they are arresting Baloch student
    and other political activists in various
    parts Balochistan and instead of taking them to the courts; they are being taken
    to unknown destinations. Is it not an act
    of state terrorism & jungle laws. Is it not
    encouraging the peaceful Baloch citizens to retaliate in the same manner by abducting non-baloch, whether government officials or Punjabi spies and take them to unknown destinations. We thank Punjab for teaching us their tactics to
    over upon our enemies. As such we call
    our Sarmachars that in the best interest of our people; apply the method of “TIT FOR TAT”

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