Anouncements : Relatives of missing people shifting camp to Karachi

Occupied Balochistan: Relatives of Baloch missing persons on Wednesday called off their five months long hunger strike here on Wednesday and said they are severely disappointed by judiciary and government which did nothing tracing out missing persons in thousands. Addressing a news conference at a hunger strike camp set up outside the Quetta Press Club, Chairman Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) and other relatives, including women, said that despite the tall claims made by Government and judiciary, not a single missing Baloch was recovered or produced before the court of law. “The Government and Supreme Court had failed to resolve this humanitarian issue but we, the relatives of missing persons, will continue our agitation against these inhuman and barbaric acts,” they said and announced that they will soon establish a camp before the Karachi Press Club to record their protest with humanitarian organizations.

Chairman of VBMP, Nasurallah said that the Government and judiciary are dealing people of Balochistan like a slave and a colony. “Chief Justice of Supreme Court had taken suo motu notice of missing prisoners of Punjab Jail but did not pay any heed towards Baloch missing persons,” he said and adding that we also expect justice from judicial institutions. He said that his organization also boycotted the powerless Judicial Commission formed by Federal Government because of its lack of interest in the issue. “We have produced evidence and witness about the involvement of secret agencies and security forces in picking up Baloch people but Commission did not make any efforts,” he said and added “Despite the Commission was told that it must spend more time in Balochistan rather than other provinces, but it only held two hearings in which 40 cases with complete data had been produced to them.” He said that the judges might have been afraid that the number of cases will increase thus did not come back to Balochistan and even withdraw many cases ignoring the facts and solid evidence.

The relatives, including women, said that they are transferring their camp to Karachi then they will go to Islamabad to record their protest and highlight this unnoticed issue to the international community through their diplomats based in Islamabad. According to VFBMP, more than 8,000 people went missing throughout Balochistan since the beginning of Musharraf regime and they possess complete data of 1100 missing persons.

Talking to Balochistan Express, Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani said there were 117 cases of missing persons registered with Government of Balochistan and Supreme Court of Pakistan among them 25 had been traced while 35 deleted from list because of irrelevant and doubtful evidence. He said that 57 people are missing and government is making all-out efforts to trace them. Responding a query, he said that government had set up a special cell in Home Department for recovery of missing persons. “I am also head of the cell and we include those people who really went missing because some people also wanted to include the names of criminals and dacoits,” he told this scribe.

(Courtesy Balochistan Express) Baloch Warna

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