May 28: Nuclear blast in Chagai, Balochistan

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One response to “May 28: Nuclear blast in Chagai, Balochistan

  1. Muhammad Umar Chand

    It is definitely a sad thing that when it comes to developments, they want to carry the projects in Islamabadm Lahore, and Karachi, but when it comes to making nuclear blasts, they don’t use Hindukush mountains, but Baluchistan mountains; again when it comes to using the gas of Sui, the first areas to benefit had to be Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar, while Sui and the rest of Baluchistan stayed deprived of the Ni’mat (Physical benefit( for many years. But when such atrocious behaviour is pointed out to them, they become very aggressive, pointing out that it has been Sindhis and Balochis who have been running the affairs of Pakistan, Sindh, and they come up with figures of how many places and how many millions or billion dollars such and such Balochis or Sindhis have in foreign countries. They are never willing to take any little share of the blame of the mess on themselves. No, they are just innocent angels, white like snow, Ma’soom like Anbiyaa ‘alaihimissalam.
    I wish somebody had provided a rough or tough translation of the song or poem — chukeen Balochanee — maa chukhein Balochani.

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