One response to “shaheed-yaghoub-mehrnehad

  1. We the people of Balochistan salute Shaheed Yaghoub Mehrnehad who defended the rights of Baloch till his
    last breath, when he was hanged. Shaheed Yaghoub Mehrnehad was a
    brave son of Baloch nation,who turned down all the offers of begotted Iranian
    clergymen and preferred to be placed
    on gallows then to bargain the destinies
    of Baloch with Iranian culprits. Shaheed Yaghoub Mehrnehad has achieved a glorious status in the history of Balochistan. May Allah bestow his peace & blessings upon him
    in Haven and make his life as a torch
    to the path of Freedom of Balochistan.

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