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COMMENT: Truth invites me — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The CPJ report said that deadly, unpunished violence against the press rose sharply in Pakistan and Mexico, continuing a dark, years-long trend in both nations

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThree weeks ago I received a mailed letter, which seemed odd as most communication these days takes place via the internet, the easiest though not the safest since Edward Snowden exposed the scope and depth of surveillance that the US National Security Agency (NSA) carries out. Mailed letters are not very private either. Muhammad Ali Khalid, Founder, Chairman of the Karachi-based South Asian Journalists Protection Committee (SAJPC) wrote it. We had met last year at the wedding of the son of journalist Zaheer Ahmed, editor Tahreer aur Tasweer, Hyderabad. This was our first meeting but he had known my father late Mir Ali Ahmed Talpur well and read some of my articles. During the conversation he had disclosed that his son-in-law. Muhammad Faisal Jan, had been killed because he (Mr Khalid) frequently raised the issue of the establishment-perpetrated atrocities in Balochistan. He had also said that he was under threat because he raised voice about the atrocities and injustices in Balochistan and Sindh and had formed the SAJPC to protect the rights and lives of journalists. Mr Khalid is a poet too and Khalid his nom de plume.
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