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Pakistani Baloch Seeking Shelter In Afghanistan

Balochistan Map

By Monica Bernabe* | IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

While millions of Afghans have fled to Pakistan over the past four decades, Pakistanis are flocking to Afghanistan. There are not only those who flee Pakistani military operations in Waziristan, but also Pakistani Balochs who say that they flee from repression by the Pakistani government, linked to latest Baloch insurgency activities. In Afghanistan, they live in precarious conditions. The Afghan authorities seem to exert a hand-off approach, and the UN sees them as a marginal issue.

waheed Qambarani

Abdul Waheed Qambarani

Abdul Waheed’s mutilated corpse was found on December 1, 2010, 20 kilometers from the town of Kalat, in Pakistan’s troubled Balochistan province, the largest, but least populated of the country.

“He was my relative. He worked as a school teacher,” Jahangir Khan says. All that remains from him in Khan’s possession is the photo of a corpse with the face disfigured by acid on a newspaper clipping. “He was identified because he had a piece of paper with his name written in one of his pockets,” Khan’s newspaper article says.

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US & UK thwart China and Cuba’s attempt to cover up Pakistan’s crimes against Baloch people

Mehran BaluchGeneva: The representative of the United Kingdom and the United States on 7th June poured cold water over joint attempts by Pakistan, China and Cuba to stop Mehran Baluch from speaking at United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – 27th Meeting 23rd Regular Session of Human Rights Council on 7th June 2013 – over the custodial killings by Pakistan.

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ANALYSIS: A tragedy within the tragedy — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The adverse consequences of frequent natural disasters compounded by the wilful neglect and deliberate relief obstruction the Pakistani authorities in Balochistan create, and we see the crudest enactment of ‘a tragedy within the tragedy’ scenario

The UN relief agencies have warned that the humanitarian situation in flood-hit Balochistan has become ‘very precarious’. Mr Martin Mogwanja, the regional UN humanitarian coordinator said, “The situation in Balochistan is a tragedy within the tragedy.” I presume he too will be labelled as a RAW agent with a mission to malign Pakistan. Another UNHCR representative said, “We all have a tendency to follow the course of the River Indus, and Balochistan risks being neglected…But we will not let this happen, and are scaling up our response.” Lofty and commendable ideals but sadly the ground realities are quite different and the UN and its bodies here are restricted to Hotel Serena in Quetta due to unjustified restrictions imposed in the name of security and which have led to “a tragedy within the tragedy”.

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April 3: Martyrs of Murghaap

April 3: Martyrs of Murghaap

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UNHCR seriously concerned over killing of Pakistani Baloch leaders

Source: UNHCR
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UNHCR shares the serious concern expressed by the United Nations over the killing of three Pakistani Baloch leaders last week. They were members of the Balochistan Quam Dost Committee that was recently formed by the Government of Pakistan to investigate the case of missing persons in the province of Balochistan.
UNHCR supports calls for the Government of Pakistan to immediately investigate these murders and to ensure that the Balochistan Quam Dost Committee continues its important work. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of those killed.

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