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Fallen Defenders of Balochistan

Siddique Eido and Yousaf Nazar

28 April 2011

Thousands of defenders of Baloch nation have perished in Pakistan’s dirty war in Balochistan. Thousands killed and their body dumped, thousands more still suffer in torture cells of Pakistan. Villages bombed and burned their inhabitant forced into becoming internal displaced person (IDP), cities turned into fortress with many check posts surrounding them all this to isolate the Baloch freedom fighters in the mountains.

Activists living in cities of Balochistan are most vulnerable, after the Murgaap incident, in April of 2009, when Pakistani intelligence agency picked up three prominent Baloch leaders Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, Lala Muneer and Sher Mohammed Baloch from their lawyers chamber in Turbat and within days killed them in custody and dumped their bodies in Murgaap it became clear that Baloch activists are not even save within the boundaries of a Pakistani court.

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Two more Baloch missing person bullet-riddled bodies found near Ormada Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan – April 28: Two more bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons were found in Makran Coastal Highway near Ormada Balochistan on Thursday morning. The bodies were taken to the local hospital Ormada, where they were identified as Siddique Eido Baloch and Yousaf Baloch.
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