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VIDEO: London 2nd Anniversary of Martyr Mir Balach Marri

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Baloch Human Rights Council UK, Balochistan Rights Movement and World Sindhi Congress held a remembrance seminar on the occasion of the second martyrdom anniversary of great Baloch hero Mir Balaach Marri. The seminar was held on 22nd Nov 2009 in London University Union Building. The seminar was organised to remember and pay tribute to Mir Balaach Marri who was killed by Pakistani establishment on 20 Nov 2007. The meeting was presided by Mir Hyrbyair Marri.


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Nov 20: Shaheed Mir Balach Marri

Shaheed Mir Balaach Marri

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Shaheed Mir Balach Marri

تحریر:‌ مرید بلوچ

گرتے ہیں‌شہسوار ہی میدان جنگ میں

وہ طفل کیا گرے جو گھٹنوں‌کے بل چلے

Shaheed Mir Balach Marri

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