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My dear Chinese Mothers!

March 27 The Black Day

My dear Chinese Mothers!
File PhotoProf. Naela Quadri Baloch

File Photo
Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch

I am writing to you with deep grief and heartache to convey the message of Baloch mothers, a mother’s absorbent heart can understand much by saying less from a mother’s aching heart. Our fourteen thousand loved ones including our daughters are abducted by Pakistan and Iran, we have received one thousand mutilated bodies of our gems like sons in last two years and this is a continuous daily base routine, their beloved bodies had uncountable wounds of severe torture, our women and children are facing deaths due to bombardment on our civil populations, burning alive in their homes, poisoning of water resources, state control on mobility and supplies of food and medicines. We understand this is painful for you but may be shocking to know that all this is baked and backed by China.

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