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Long March under the leadership of Mama Qadeer Baloch is a Historic and Peaceful Protest: BSO Azad

There is no example of such a peaceful, tolerant, and painful Long March in the history of Mankind: Spokesperson


BALOCHISTAN: The Spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization (Azad) had issued a statement stating that the Occupied Pakistani Forces on Baloch Motherland since beginning adopted brute force to oppress the Baloch People and most extreme tactic so far is the enforced disappearances, torture, kill and dump. So far State agencies have abducted more than 18000 Baloch which include Men, women and Children, who are facing inhumane torture in State owned torture cells.
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The Long Marchers have completed 700 km and entered Karachi after travelling 27 days on foot

Statement: Asian Human Rights Commission

Before reaching Karachi a car tried to ram the walkers on three occasions and the marchers are receiving death threat messages on their cell phones


The Long March for the Baloch missing persons has entered its 27th day after completing 690 KMs. It will reach its intended destination at the Karachi Press Club, Karachi, the capital of Sindh province tomorrow, November 22. Today the marchers will reach the suburbs of Karachi where the local people will welcome them and make arrangements for their accommodations.
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Desperate measures: Baloch families to march on foot for their missing loved one

BALOCHISTAN: At least 20 men, women and children will start their journey on foot from Quetta to Karachi today to protest the abduction of their loved ones and thousands of Baloch who are missing.

The number of participants is likely to increase as the group travels along the road. The affected families, led by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, are expected to complete the 750-km-long journey to Karachi within the next 15 days.

Quetta to Karachi Map

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