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ISI death squad TNAB threatens Baloch leaders

The international human rights organizations must take serious notice of the threat to the Baloch leaders living in the West by the Pakistani ISI backed death squad TNAB.

Following is the English translation of TNAB’s press release published in Pakistani news papers on 28 February 2013

America, Israel and India are funding traitor Balochs against Pakistan:Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Aman (TNA)

The people of Balochistan do not want independence; traitors can never separate Balochistan from Pakistan. (TNA Spokesman)

Faiz Baloch, Noordin, Sohaib Mengal, Hammal Baloch and others residing in London are in the sights of our Ghazis (Jihadists). ~ Ghazi Khan (Spokesman TNA)

ISI_BalochistanQuetta:  In a statement the spokesman of fundamentalist militant Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Aman, Ghazi Khan has said that there is a conspiracy to break up the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The agents of American, Israeli and Indian agencies are funding some Baloch traitors against Pakistan. These non-believers are playing in the hands of infidels.

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