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Bangkok Conference: Balochistan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

An appeal to Baloch intellectuals
By Ahmar Mustikhan

Bangkok Conference; Participation of doubtful personalities, Pro-independence’ boycott
By Mureed Jan Baloch / Shaal

بینکاک کانفرنس میں متنازعہ افراد کی شرکت اور آزادی پسندوں‌کا بائیکاٹ

Mureed Jan Baloch Urdu Article

Baloch resistance to stay away from Bangkok conference
By Ahmar Mustikhan

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Afia Siddiqui, Zarina Marri and Dr. Shazia Khalid

As of 4th February 2010, social networking website Facebook has 15 fan pages and 22 groups of Aafia Siddiqui with 34,000 and 40,000 members respectively. She has been the highlight of across the electronic and online media including popular talk shows, newspapers and magazines, blogs, forums and chat rooms.

There have also been rallies, protests and demonstrations involving 1000s of people in support for her in all big cities of Pakistan.

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HRCP and extradition of Baloch prisoners to Iran

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is an Organisation with the objectives and aims to protect the human rights of citizens of Pakistan. At every Human Rights Council Sessions it claims that it is fulfilling its objects with full responsibility. At least Asma Jhangir chairman of HRCP use to claim it every where that HRCP is doing its best.
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