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Doctors targeted in Balochistan

Dr Deen Mohd Baloch-Dr Akbar MarriEurope: Even doctors are not safe in Balochistan. Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch and Dr. Akbar Marri are among dozens of doctors who are missing or have been killed. The Pakistan Medical Association reports that at least 26 doctors have been killed in Balochistan in recent times and as many as 17 have been kidnapped. Khuzdar, Mastung, Quetta or Jaffarabad – doctors are not safe anywhere as they are allegedly being targeted by the security forces and spy agencies. Instead of taking action against criminals and providing protection to doctors, the Balochistan government has acted against several doctors by suspending them from their jobs. The doctors in the region have been on strike for months against kidnappings and targeted killings.

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Genocide and gross human rights violations in Balochistan

by South Asia News

Balochistan, November 08: The Pakistani province of Balochistan seems to be perpetually in a state of crisis. Incidents of target killings and bomb blasts are on the rise. Young people often go missing and leaders are targeted and killed in the region. The people of Balochistan say that the Pakistan government and its law enforcement agencies are to blame for violations of human rights in this province. In 2010, violence has surged in Balochistan. Human rights activists are concerned about an increase in target killings. Human Rights group Amnesty International called on Pakistan to investigate the torture and killing of more than 40 political leaders and activists in the region from June to September in 2010 against a backdrop of increasing political unrest and Pakistani military activities in the southwestern province which borders Iran and Afghanistan.

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PAKISTAN: Frontier Corp makes missing persons a marketable commodity

April 27, 2010

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

A man named Murad Khan Marri was arrested near his house on June 27, 2009. Since then he was kept incommunicado in secret detention and was thought to have disappeared. His name was entered into the official list of missing persons. On March 27th 2010 the Frontier Corp claimed that he had been arrested trying to enter the country from Afghanistan. On this basis the Frontier Corp attempted to claim the reward money. This case clearly exposes the practice of illegal arrest, illegal detention in secret prisons and the exploitation of this later for claiming rewards. All these are sinister practices that violate the basic norms of decency and the human rights of citizens. This entire episode needs to be seriously investigated and all the perpetrators brought to justice. The victim needs to be compensated for the ordeal he has been exposed to.

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Two BSO Azad members goes missing

Qambar Chakar Baloch

Qambar Chakar

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