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Pakistan: Security Forces ‘Disappear’ Opponents in Balochistan

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(New York) – Pakistan’s government should immediately end widespread disappearances of suspected militants and activists by the military, intelligence agencies, and the paramilitary Frontier Corps in the southwestern province of Balochistan, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Several of those “disappeared” were among the dozens of people extrajudicially executed in recent months in the resource-rich and violence-wracked province.
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The mess over the missing in Balochistan

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By Nirupama Subramanian

The issue of enforced disappearances is now seen as one of the biggest hurdles to Islamabad’s efforts to make peace with the Baloch people.

Since December 30 last, a group of two dozen boys and girls, accompanied by a few adult women, has been squatting outside the Quetta Press Club, braving the biting cold that sweeps through Pakistan’s Balochistan province at this time of the year. The group is on a daily hunger-strike, protesting the disappearance of a father or a brother, allegedly after he was taken away by state intelligence agencies. Continue reading

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Missing in Balochistan

By Qurat ul ain Siddiqui – DAWN.COM

‘It was a white car. My face was covered with a black mask so I could not see and my hands had been tied… they began beating me up instantly,’ recalls Adnan Baloch, who was picked up in Quetta on April 18, 2009, while on his way back home from his college. He claims that eventually the car stopped outside a ‘torture cell’ and he ‘was treated with electric shocks all day long’ and ‘which ended up paralysing both his legs’.According to him, he was released in Mastung a day later and was taken to a hospital for treatment. ‘The police was there at the hospital…and even before I could begin talking about registering an FIR, I was told that it would not be registered,’ he adds.Although Adnan has been released after the ‘abduction and subsequent physical torture, for being politically active and for being the nephew of currently missing Baloch Republican Party’s central leader Chakar Qambrani,’ there are several in Balochistan who continue to remain missing.

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