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The Missing Baloch: The Tragedy of Zakir Majid

Zakir Majeed

by Imtiaz Baloch

The International Day of the Disappeared on August 30 is an annual commemoration day created to draw attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned at places and under poor conditions unknown to their relatives or legal representatives. In Balochistan, since 2005 there had been more than 8000 enforced disappearances including women and children under the age of twelve years and currently over 1100 documented Baloch political activist are held in incommunicado by Pakistani Army. Balochistan is a Texas sized state occupied by Pakistan and Iran. This is the fifth uprising by the Baloch populace against the Pakistani Regime for Baloch nationhood.
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EXCLUSIVE: “The Supreme Court no longer talks of the missing persons”

An exclusive interview of Nasrullah Baloch, chairman Voice for Missing Baloch Persons (VMBP) with The Baloch Hal

Interview by Malik Siraj Akbar

If there is one issue one cannot skip while talking about Balochistan, it is indeed the case of numerous missing persons who have allegedly been whisked away by the state intelligence agencies. Former military dictator General Musharraf , who instigated the conflict in Balochistan, is gone; his policies predominately continue to misrule the gas-rich province. The Baloch Hal spoke to chairman of Voice for the Missing Baloch Persons, a platform that has brought together all the families that simultaneously mourn and await the return of a missing person. Excerpts:

Malik Siraj Akbar & Nasrullah Baloch

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