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Bullet riddled bodies of two Baluch disappeared persons recovered in Quetta

Occupied Baluchistan: Two bullet-riddled bodies of missing Baloch people were found in Quetta on Friday morning.

According sources the bodies were recovered from Killi Khali area of Brewery Road. The bodies’ hands and feet were tied. The local police moved the bodies to Bolan Medical Complex Hospital for autopsy. Hospital sources said the bodies had been shot in the heads and had clear marks of violence. The bodies were identified as Bahar Khan Bangulzai, a resident of Faizabad, Sariab Road and Gulam Qadir Marri, who had been missing for a month. The deceased Bahar Khan’s father, Baig Muhammad Bangulzai, said that his son was whisked away by Pakistani Para-military personnel from Ghai Khan Chowk on June 31,2010. He said he had filed a petition in the Balochistan High Court and nominated the security agencies for abducting his son, but the court has failed to provide him justice.
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