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Balochistan: Pakistani state crackdown on Baloch Bookshop owners


Books on Balochistan confiscated by pakistan

Is it a crime to write about Baloch history and geography? Major Majeed Baloch

Balochistan: Pakistani police raided Bookshops and CDs Shops in district Gwadar of Balochistan and arrested their owners for buying and selling “Waae Watan Hoshken Daar” written by Balochi language’s renowned poet Major Majeed Baloch and other books on Balochistan on Wednesday 2 April 2014.

Four people have been arrested from Kech and Gwadar districts after discovery of anti-State literatures,” a security official said.

 بلوچستان: کتابوں کی دکانوں پر چھاپے، مقدمہ درج

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