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Baloch Genocide: Confessions of a Collaborator

Jan Muhammad the collaborator

After the local and international human rights bodies’ widespread condemnation of Pakistani security establishment’s notorious war strategy of “Kill and Dump Policy” regarding the detained Baloch activists and common people to crush the Baloch freedom movement, it is now replaced with the policy of “Extra-Judicial Killings” through staged encounters and showing them as militants via its controlled media as there is a complete media blackout in Balochistan where no independent investigator or journalist is allowed to visit.

Within a short span of time Balochistan has witnessed hundreds of cases of extra-judicial killings of previously abducted Baloch. A collaborator working for Pakistani security agencies who accompanied them during numerous military offensives narrates the horrific details.

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Four mutilated bodies found dumped in Balochistan as CJ resumes hearing cases

Quetta : As the Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court returns to Quetta to hear cases of the families of abducted Baloch, four tortured bodies were found in different areas of Balochistan on Tuesday (10 July 2012).

Sources reported that a body was found dumped near Custom Houses in port city of Gawadar, Balochistan. Levis forces shifted the body to a nearby hospital where its identity was ascertained as Nisar Ahmad.

Another body was found dumped in a well in Surab area of Balochistan. Local authorities shifted the corpse to Surab civil hospital. Its identity was not established so far.

Separately, two bodies were found in mountains near Eastern By-pass in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan.

Official sources said the deceased were identified as Jan Muhammad and Khalid Dad. The men were shot dead after being subject to severe torture.

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