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PAKISTAN: Sagheer Ahmed Baloch, a disappeared person must be returned to his family without delay

International Human Rights Council
Urgent Action Case -001-2018
Date: 11 May 2018

Dear Friends,

The International Human Rights Council (IHRC-HK) has received information regarding the disappearance of a young student, Sagheer Ahmed Baloch, who was allegedly picked up by the intelligence agencies five months ago and remains disappeared to this day. Sagheer was picked up from Karachi University in broad daylight by plain clothed persons and no one was able to assist him.

Case details:

21-year-old Sagheer Ahmed Baloch was picked up by men in plainclothes from a canteen of the Karachi University on November 20, 2017. Sagheer was a second-year student of political science at the university. His family maintains that he had no political or militant affiliation and that he was a law-abiding citizen of the country with no previous history of crime.

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