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Pakistan: Impunity Marks Global Day for Disappeared

Government Fails to Provide Facts, Justice, and Reparations to Victims

AUGUST 29, 2014

Human Rights Watch

(London) – On the eve of the annual International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch urge Pakistan’s government to stop the deplorable practice of state agencies abducting hundreds of people throughout the country without providing information about their fate or whereabouts.

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A black hole for media in Balochistan


Journalists face major difficulties in reporting from Pakistan’s troubled southwestern province.

Karlos Zurutuza

London, United Kingdom – “It is, by far, Pakistan’s most hermetic province, even more than several among the tribal areas,” said Pau Miranda, a correspondent for Spain’s EFE news agency. “Being caught in Balochistan without permission almost means being automatically expelled from the country.”
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Judicial system is doing something meaningful in Balochistan is a sham: Ali Dayan Hassan

Hassan spoke about the humiliating attitude of government officials towards a Baloch man he was working with. “It was clear to me why the Baloch man hated the Pakistani state and military – as there was only so much ritual humiliation that a human being could put up with,” he said.

Karachi: Amidst a gathering at Karachi’s The Second Floor (T2F) on Friday, Ali Dayan Hassan, the Pakistan Director for Human Rights Watch, described Balochistan as a province which was on the verge of an ethnic meltdown.

Hassan dwelled upon issues which plagued Balochistan, reasons that have fueled human rights abuse in the province and its potential solutions. There was never a phase of stable relationship between the state and Balochistan, said Hassan, but the killing of Nawab Akber Bugti in 2006 sparked a new wave of violence. It was around that time that Hassan, under the wing of the Human Rights Watch, undertook the mission of documenting human rights violations in the region.

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Balochistan: Time for a ceasefire and political settlement

Proposals for military de-escalation & a referendum on self-determination

 By Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner
The case for a negotiated political settlement in Pakistani-annexed and occupied Balochistan is overwhelming. The Baloch people have a right to live without persecution and to decide their own destiny. History is on their side.

Much of what now constitutes Balochistan was a self-governing British Protectorate from 1876. The Baloch people secured their independence from Britain in 1947. The following year, they were invaded and incorporated into Pakistan. They did not vote for incorporation. Their consent was neither sought nor given.

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معرفت پانا : میرمحمد علی تالپور- ترجمہ: لطیف بلیدی

یقینا کانگریس کمیٹی کے اجلاسوں کی وجہ سے بلوچستان آزاد ہونے والا نہیں ہے۔ بلوچ کے لئے اس اجلاس کا واحد مثبت نتیجہ یہ ہے کہ ان کی حالت زار پر روشنی ڈالی گئی اور ممکن ہے کہ اس سے دیگر مغربی ممالک کی بلوچستان میں انسانی حقوق کی خلاف ورزیوں پر زیادہ توجہ دینے کی حوصلہ افزائی ہو

پیپلز پارٹی بلوچستان کے صدر صادق عمرانی نے جب بلوچستان اسمبلی کے فلور پر انٹیلی جنس ایجنسیوں کی طرف سے کراچی میں براہمدغ بگٹی کی بہن اوربھتیجی کے بزدلانہ قتل کی مذمت کرتے ہوئے ایک چونکانے والا انکشاف کیا تھا کہ وہ اور دو دیگر وزرائ، یونس ملازئی اور ظفر زہری نے ، نومبر 2011 میں منگوچر م کے قریب شاہراہ پر سڑک کے کنارے فرنٹیئر کور (FC) کو دو مردوں کے آنکھوں پر پٹی باندھے اور ہتھکڑی لگائے دیکھا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ FC والوں نے ان کو گولی مار کر ہلاک کردیااور اگلے دن ان کی لاشیں اسی علاقے سے پائی گئےں۔ یکساں طور پر شدید حیرت کا باعث اس واقعے پر عمرانی کی چار ماہ کی خاموشی ہے۔

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Taking cognizance — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Surely Balochistan is not going to become independent due to Congressional committee meetings. The only positive outcome of this meeting for the Baloch is that it has highlighted their plight and this may encourage other western countries to pay more attention to the human rights abuses in Balochistan

Sadiq Umrani, President PPP Balochistan, while condemning the cowardly murder of Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister and niece in Karachi by the intelligence agencies on the Balochistan Assembly floor made a shocking disclosure that he and two other ministers, Yunus Mullazai and Zafar Zehri, in November 2011 saw Frontier Corps (FC) personnel holding two blindfolded and handcuffed men at the roadside on a highway near Mangochar. He said that the FC men gunned them down and their bodies were found from the area the next day. Equally shocking is Umrani’s four month silence on the incident.

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Protest against Pakistan’s barbarism in Balochistan

London, August 08: The barbarism of Pakistani security agencies in Balochistan continues to infuriate the Baloch people. A Human Rights Watch report titled “We can Torture, Kill, or Keep You for Years’: Enforced Disappearances by Pakistan Security Forces in Balochistan” exposes the fact that Pakistani agencies are responsible for widespread disappearances of Baloch political activists. The 32-page report slams Pakistan authorities for taking people into custody and then denying all responsibility or knowledge of their fate or whereabouts. The rights group investigated several cases in which uniformed personnel of the Frontier Corps, an Interior Ministry paramilitary force, and the police were involved in abducting Baloch nationalists.

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Pakistan: Security Forces ‘Disappear’ Opponents in Balochistan

in PDF format, file size is 1.12 mb

(New York) – Pakistan’s government should immediately end widespread disappearances of suspected militants and activists by the military, intelligence agencies, and the paramilitary Frontier Corps in the southwestern province of Balochistan, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Several of those “disappeared” were among the dozens of people extrajudicially executed in recent months in the resource-rich and violence-wracked province.
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