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FC and intelligence agencies are responsible for abductions: Families of abducted Baloch tell CJ

<a href='http://balochwarna.com/features/articles.20/Pakistan%E2%80%99s-dirty-war-from-Bangladesh-to-Balochistan.html'>Pakistan’s dirty war from Bangladesh to Balochistan</a>

Quetta : Several family members of forced-disappeared Baloch have appeared before the Chief Justice and narrated their ordeals on Tuesday during a hearing. The CJ who, has resumed hearing cases of Baloch activists, has said he didn’t know what was going here [in Balochistan]. “Even yesterday four bullet riddle bodies were found in Killi Kabo. The evidence of Mehran Baloch and Mohammad Tariq’s abduction was given to the security agencies but instead of their release they were killed and dumped”, remarked the CJ.
During hearing the brother of Samiullah Baloch said that his brother was presented to courts by the police on several occasions but now the authorities were in denial about his whereabouts.

The aged mother of Hafiz Saeed-ul-Rehman Baloch burst into tears and said “We hope our loved ones will be released before 2013 but if you (CJ) are gone then we do not expect to see of our beloved relatives.” The CJ in response said “It is not like that. Have faith in God.”

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