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Lifting of sand, gravel from Malir River affects district’s waterbed, agriculture

Lifting sand_Malir River 1

“If the government didn’t take any steps to save trees, the people of Karachi will have to prepare themselves for another heatstroke, which will be more disastrous.” Gul Hasan Kalmati

By Hanif Dilmurad

The Malir district of Karachi, which once provided about 40% of the city’s fruits and vegetables is nowadays facing serious environmental challenges because of illegal sand and gravel lifting from the Malir River.

Despite imposing Section 144 and banning the practice, hundreds of tonnes of sand and gravel are lifted from the river every day.

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In Karachi, digging up and adding to the treasure of Balochi literature

Balochi Litrature

“Our areas are not simply places of gangs and violence. We have a glorious history and organise literary activities. But no one is showing it

Zia Ur Rehman

KARACHI: Amid the gang violence and the ongoing crackdown against criminal syndicates, many literary organisations are trying to revive the glorious past of Karachi’s Baloch-populated neighbourhoods in their contribution to Balochi poetry, fiction and culture.

Recently, the Nokaap Labzanki Majlis, a Baloch-literary organisation active in the Faqir Colony neighbourhood of Orangi Town, organised a gathering to launch a Balochi book titled “Rajdaptar-e-Falsafaen Sama”.

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