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Marri resources belong to all Baloch, says exiled leader


LONDON: Exiled Baloch nationalist leader Mir Sher Alam Marri has said that no individual has the right to decide about the Marri resources and any attempt to utilise these resource will cause chaos, causing damage and internal divisions.

Sher Alam Marri, son of renowned nationalist Mohammad Marri (General Sheroff), said that it was duty of the Marri tribe to follow the will of late Nawab Khair Baksh Marri who made his youngest son Mehran Marri chief (Nawab) of the Marri tribe and left a will with the Marri tribe elders. He said Nawabzada Jangeez Marri’s recent statement that he had been given permission by the Marri tribe to utilise the natural resources in Marri areas was unfortunate and counter-productive.

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