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Military operation in Mashkey Balochistan


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مشکے میں‌فوجی آپریشن


آپریشن میں شدت، بمباری جاری، مکانات نذرآتش، ڈاکٹر اللہ نذر کے گھر چھاپہ


مشکے آپریشن پر بلوچستان حکومت کا رویہ شترمرغ جیسا ہے، سردار اختر مینگل


مشکے آپریشن دشمن کی شکست ہے، بلوچ سرمچاروں‌کی حکمت عملی نے دشمن کو حواس باختہ کردیا، اتحاد مری


Pakistani atrocities continue in Mashkay Balochistan, public properties set ablaze by occupying forces

Occupied Balochistan, MASHKAY:Pakistan Army has begun an offensive in the area of Mashkay, Pakistani Occupied Balochistan. This offensive is being carried out with the help of gunship helicopters and the area is completely blocked where is the local residents are not being allowed to enter or leave the area. According to the reports received through the people who managed to leave the area, the local population are being harassed and looted by Pakistan army.
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