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11 August Balochistan Day

BNM organised an intellectual talk on the occasion of the 11th August, the day when Balochistan got freedom from The Great Britain. 

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur veteran Baloch activist and intellectual shed light on the historical details of 11 August 1947. 

Dr. Zaffar Baloch intellectual and BNM’s leader spoke about the historical events and the demands of Baloch nations in current time.

Dil Murad Baloch Central information Secretary of BNM, presented the point of view of BNM. 

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Baloch Canadians Observe March 27 Black Day

 Pakistan Military Invaded Independent Balochistan in 1948

Toronto, March 25: Baloch National Movement – North America’s call to observe March 27 as black day was attended by Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Kurds and enlightened elements of the Canadian society at a Toronto meeting. Sovereign Balochistan was invaded and occupied by the Pakistani military in 1948. The public gathering was attended by people from all walks of life sharing democratic values and respect for freedoms and rights.

Mr. Tarek Fatah, guest of honour at the event spoke on the importance of understanding the history and the evil nature of the state of Pakistan. In his speech, Mr. Fatah described the events at Dacca University on March 25, 1971 when Pakistan Army soldiers massacred more than 200 students and teachers at the university dorms and hung their bodies from the poles and trees.

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70th anniversary of Pakistani occupation of Balochistan observed in Canada

Toronto: A group of Baloch political and student activists in Canada gathered at Fairview Library in Toronto to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s occupation of the land of the Baloch people.

The event organized by Baloch National Movement (BNM) was supported by Sindhi, Pashtun, Kashmiri, Kurd and other human rights activists.

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Why Baloch in Toronto burned a Pakistani Flag

Zaffar Baloch - Karima Baloch with Tahir Gora TAG TV

Canadian Baloch react to assassination of Dr. Mannan Baloch in Bilatakalluf with Tahir Gora TAG TV.

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Zaffar Baloch, President BHRC – Canada interview on Rawal TV

Zahid Baloch – Baloch Missing Persons – Balochistan Crisis

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Mother Language and Motherland are integral part of freedom struggle

Toronto, Feb 23, 2014 – International Mother Language Day was observed by Baloch, Azerbaijani, Turkoman and Ahwazi Arab communities in Toronto to honour their culture and heritage under repressive occupation of Iran and Pakistan.

Baloch representative from Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) and Balochistan People’s Party spoke on the occasion and described the situation of cultural genocide and mass killings as ongoing repressive measures by the states of Iran and Pakistan to quell the freedom and rights movement of the Baloch people.
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Pakistan Army Death Squads Conspire to Eliminate Baloch Intelligentsia

Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada
Press Release

TORONTO, July 14, 2010 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) has expressed serious concern over the recent targeted killings of Baloch political leaders in Kech Makuran and Quetta. In an urgently issued press release, BHRC condemned in strongest words the extra judicial assassinations of Mr. Maula Bakhsh Dashti and Mr. Habib Jalib in Balochistan.

Mr. Dashti was gunned down on July 11, 2010 by unknown assailants in Kech Makuran. He was a central committee member of National Party, former chairman of Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Awami), and district Nazim Turbat during the Musharraf era.
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بلوچ قومی آزادیءَ ابید بلوچستانءِ جیڑہ نہ گیشیت

Dr. Zaffar Baloch talk about March 27 Black Day on Gwank Radio

Dr. Zaffar Baloch



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13th session of the U.N. Human Rights Council – Geneva

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Bangkok Conference, a view point

Dr. Zaffar BalochI believe that the whole debate on the so-called Baloch conference in Bangkok has nothing to do with the conference itself and how things will unfold in the coming days shall prove it that it never was. The representatives of the ‘non-existent’ in the Baloch nationalist movement today, out of fear of becoming irrelevant, feel the need to establish an international club to prove their worth.  The need for a separate identity by this vested interest group on the international scene is being felt for the simple reason that they cannot market the Baloch resistance for their personal gains much longer. What they could not control through their websites, they attacked maliciously with slander to reconstruct a murky view for the outsider about the movement and its leaders.

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