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Video Report: BSYA London conference “The Baloch National Struggle: Past, Present and Future”


London: 28th July, 2013- In an attempt to bring to light various issues the Baloch are facing in their socio-political circumstances, Baloch Students and Youth Association (UK) (BSYA) convened a major conference entitled, ‘’The Baloch National Struggle: Past, Present and Future’’, that took place at Birkbeck University of London on 28th July, 2013. An esteemed panel of Baloch intellectuals and writers were invited to share their insights and expertise on the conference subject to help the Baloch leaders, socio-political activists and the various sections of the Baloch national struggle accurately assess the circumstances and challenges faced by the Baloch, in order to devise feasible strategies to organize themselves and achieve the objectives of their struggle.

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U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Demands Referendum in Balochistan on the Question of Independence


Brussels, 25 February 2013 – In an effort to shed light on the key role Balochistan plays in South Asia, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) convened a conference entitled “Global and Regional Security Challenges in South Asia: What Future for Balochistan”, which took place at The Royal Society, London on 24 February 2013. Key speaker at this conference, U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, gave a poignant speech urging for the freedom of the Baloch people. The Congressman requested a referendum to be held in Balochistan on the question of independence, which would challenge the claims by Islamabad that the Baloch want to be part of Pakistan. Dana Rohrabacher called for Pakistani officials to be tried for war crimes. Congressman Brian Higgins (D-NY) was also present.

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The Book on Baloch history “The Baloch and Balochistan” was Launched in London UK

book launch event

The book launching ceremony of ‘The Baloch and Balochistan’ was held in the London University on December, 1 2012. The event was organized by Baloch Human Rights Council (UK), World Sindhi Congress and Sindhi-Baloch Forum.

Various speakers termed the book by Dr. Naseer Dashti as the most comprehensive and objective piece of work on the history of the Baloch and Balochistan. Prominent among the speakers who deliberated on various aspects of the Baoch history mentioned in the book included Waja Akber Barakzai, Dr. Lakhu Luhana , Dr. Mustafa Baloch, Samad Baloch, Mehrab Baloch, Faisal Baloch, Abdullah Baloch,  Ghulam Raza Hossainbhor , Hassan Hamdam, Rahim Bandvoi , Ismael Amiri, and Ms Negar Hossainbor.

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Remembering Gul Khan Naseer

By Dr. Naseer Dashti

Early decades of 20th century was the period when the Baloch horizons were engulf in the dark shadows of despair, frustration and a growing sense of total defeat and helplessness. It was the period when the Baloch resistance against the British and its ally the Persians, had been ruthlessly crushed. It was the period when under different boundary commissions, the body of the Baloch land had been dissected and it had been divided into various parts controlled by the Persians, the British and the Afghans.  

In Eastern Balochistan, the glorious resistance of the Baloch led by Marri, Bugti, Mengal, Zehri and Nosherwanis had ended in total defeat. Leader of the Bugti tribe Mir Ghulam Hussain Bugti had been killed by the British and his head had been put on public display. Legendary guerilla fighter Noora Mengal had been imprisoned. Sardar Noordin Mengal and Mir Azad Khan Nosherwani had been neutralized. A crushing defeat had been delivered to the Marri by the British forces. The champions of the Baloch resistance against the British Mir Baloch Khan Nosherwani and Nawab Khan Mohammad Zarakzai had been killed.

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