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Mr. Bengai makes a case for Balochistan

Balochistan cries for justice. The province has, for seventy years, suffered a situation where the country has taken much from and given little to it. That the province can be rich in natural resources and yet abjectly poor is a testimony to the long years of neglect and exploitation. It is a saga of resource transfer on a massive scale, a saga of colonial style political and economic management. From the epilogue of Dr Bengali’s ‘A cry for justice.’


Dr Kaiser Bengali is a man that needs little if any introduction. One of Pakistan’s preeminent economist, he has built an international reputation that breeds little argument. Thoughtful and precise in his insights, his no nonsense approach to problems and development makes him someone that people look to for clarity on muddled subjects. In the past he has remained advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh for Planning and Development. He was also the master architect behind the Benazir Income Support Programme, designing the project and serving as its first head.

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COMMENT: A grim situation gets grimmer —Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The state desperately wants to change the prevailing cultural and historical Baloch ethos of tolerance and secularism in Balochistan through religious organisations

Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurBalochistan, already ravaged by the establishment’s dirty war, political repression and economic deprivation, has suffered a devastating blow from an eight-magnitude earthquake. Mashkail town was hit the hardest as 80 percent of it was flattened. Nearly 40,000 people are affected; locals say 80 are dead and hundreds wounded while officials say 12 dead and 25 injured. With already barely existing infrastructure destroyed, people left at the mercy of the elements protested against totally inadequate relief by burning tyres on Friday. Mashkail’s remoteness is not solely to blame for the near absence of facilities and relief; most of Balochistan, thanks to systematic deprivation, discrimination and dispossession, survives in the most destitute category. Balochistan has always suffered immeasurably and the grim picture becomes grimmer when natural disasters strike, which exacerbates alienation and discontent.

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