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Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch chat with Canadian Radio NewsTalk


Balochistan guerrilla leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch chats with Tarek Fatah on Canada’s NewsTalk1010 Radio on January 06, 2014.


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Our struggle is for national independence and it’s not class-based: Dr. Allah Nazar

Dr-Allah Nazar BalochDr Allah Nazar is Balochistan’s most popular middle-class nationalist leader. Belonging from a modest family in Balochistan’s town of Mashkay, he started his political career from Baloch Students Organization (BSO). He founded his own faction of BSO in February 2002 that openly advocated an armed struggle for liberating Balochistan. In 2003, he went underground to organize his own militant group. His Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) made headlines when it claimed responsibility for killing three Chinese engineers in Gwadar on May 2, 2004.
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NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is not a Good idea, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

Dr-Allah Nazar BalochBALOCHISTAN: Baloch Guerrilla Leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch in his Exclusive Interview said Pakistani state policy regarding the Baloch will remain unchanged.

Baloch people have rejected the Pakistani elections, The Baloch population rejection of the Pakistani election should be considered a referendum in favour of independence, Dr Malik doesn’t have a clear vision regarding Baloch issue, He is turning a blind eye towards Baloch demands of independence, There is no difference between Malik, Aslam Raisani and Zulfiqar Magsi.

پارلیمنٹ کا حصہ بننے والے بلوچ قوم کے حقیقی نمائندے نہیں،
ڈاکٹر اللہ نذربلوچ

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Dr. Nazar: a man’s struggle for his country

An interview with Dr. Allah Nazar
April 2011

The policy makers of the West must know that we are a peace-loving and secular people, and a free Balochistan is in the best interest of all those countries that love, and fight to maintain, peace — not only in the region but in the whole world.

Dr. Allah Nazar

You’ve probably never heard of Balochistan. A resource rich province of Pakistan wedged between Afghanistan and Iran, it is an area of great geo-political importance that includes the port of Gwadar, which many eye as a profitable road to China and Central Asia. Balochistan is also the site of what historian Selig Harrison has called “a slow motion genocide” of the Baloch people.

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