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Pakistani media’s lies exposed by Faiz M Baloch

Bijjar Ahmad MarriThe Pakistan military and its state sponsored media reported on 10 August that the military has killed 6 ‘armed militants’ in an exchange of firing in Machh area of district Bolan in Balochistan. As the saying goes “A Lie has no legs to stand upon”– soon the misleading statements of Pakistan army and media were exposed as the families of previously abducted Baloch identified the bodies of their loved ones.

It became obvious that no arm clash took place in fact the Pakistan military has dumped the bodies of previously abducted Baloch who were in their custody and claimed to have killed them in a fake encounter. Relatives of these men said that they had received phone calls from unknown numbers informing them that their relatives have been killed and dumped. The victims of 10 August have been identified as 28 year old Bijjar Ahmad son of Ali Bux Marri, 35 year old Paliya son of Nodhan Marri, 20 year old Izzat Khan son of Wahsho Marri, 35 year old Dad Ali son of Raheem Khan Marri and Wahid Bux son of Nabi Bux Marri.

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Pakistan army killed and dumped six previously abducted Baloch in Bolan, two shot dead in Espelinji

Mach fake counter victims1

BALOCHISTAN: At least six previously abducted Baloch have been killed and dumped by Pakistan army in Bolan area of Balochistan whereas two others have been killed target killed after an attack on an FC check post in Espelinji area near Mastung.

On 10 August the Pakistan military claimed to have killed six ‘militants’ during a military operation in Mach area of district Bolan in Balochistan. The Pakistani state sponsored media was quick enough to blindly follow the ISPR statement and reported the incident as an operation against Baloch militants.

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