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Another Front in Balochistan: Pak media battle of distortion

“It is a guerrilla war waged by Baloch in mountains that has unnerved Pakistan military establishment that considers Balochistan a strategic location and a land full of resources to be exploited for the growth of its bludgeoning Military Inc. it is the military economy that army wants to protect. For this it has abducted 13 thousands Baloch, most of them believed to be killed and vaporized in dark dungeons.”

by Adeenag

(April 29, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) After years of intentional negligence, Pakistani media has come up with a deluge of reports and analyses over Balochistan. Why Balochistan matters now?
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Balochistan needs wikileaks: Mehran Baluch tells UN body

Mehran Baluch

Appealing to UN on the dire Human Rights violation by Pakistani forces, Mehran Baluch, who is a noted activist for Balochistan said “I come from a God-forsaken part of the world where neither the CNN nor the Al-Jazeerah TV networks have a full bureau. I am from Balochistan, which means the land of the Baloch, in southwest Asia. To be honest, Balochistan needs Wikileaks.”
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