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Quetta Attack a Gory Reminder of Islamic State’s Presence in Balochistan

The Pakistan Army continues to deny that ISIS is active in Pakistan, despite the mounting evidence.

By Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

On Easter Monday, four members of a Christian family were shot dead in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s volatile Balochistan province. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in a press statement issued by the jihadist group.

The very next day, a Pakistan Army spokesperson “categorically” denied the presence of ISIS in the country, choosing instead to extol his organization’s performance by saying that “the security situation in the province [Balochistan] has improved owing to the collective efforts of civil and military leadership.”

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EU Parliament criticises worsening minority situation in Pakistan


Brussels (Belgium) : European Parliament, in its plenary session held on April 14, took Pakistan to task for the country’s abysmal human rights record with regard to treatment of the Christians and other minority communities.

The debate in the plenary session took place in the context of the recent attacks on the Christian community in Lahore on Easter day in 2016 that resulted in the killings of more than 70 individuals, including 30 children.

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They also considered the languages here as a threat to their dominance and set about to change that
Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThe atrocities against the Baloch or the ravages against the Bengalis, the recent burning of the Hindu Dharmshala in Larkana or the carnages against the Hazaras or Christians sadden me deeply as do all the brutal and senseless attacks on nationalities or minorities in the length and breadth of the ‘land of pure’. However these horrendous attacks have never surprised me; had there been peaceful coexistence between different nationalities or religious and sectarian harmony; it would have surely surprised me because the basis of all that is wrong here lies in the creation of this state on the basis of religion.

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