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BRP announces three days mourning and calls for shutter-down strike against killings of its activists

Occupied Balochistan:Baloch Republican Party announces three days of mourning and calls for a complete shutter-down strike all over Balochistan against the brutal target killing of its political activists by Pakistani death squads in Khuzdar, Balochistan. The occupying state continues its genocidal policies in Balochistan. The state forces face terrible defeat by the Baloch freedom fighters and Baloch national struggle for freedom and now the state forces have lost their nerves and they are indiscriminately targeting the common innocent Balochs and political activists.

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Grisly Images and Mounting Evidence of Government Terrorism Recount Suffering of Balochistan

Tim King Salem-News.com

Pakistan’s ‘Dirty War’ becomes a little less hidden every day. Extremely Graphic photos of dead bodies…

Genocide of Baloch nation. Humanity would be crying on Pakistani ISI's brutality. UN is waiting to observe how many more mutilated bodies of Baloch missing persons.

(SALEM) – Informational details and photographic evidence of war crimes against the Baloch people are continuing to emerge. It is appalling that government terrorism is the product of a nation that actively fights the Taliban – Pakistan.

As we have reported, this is ‘Pakistan’s Dirty War’ and its legacy is one of deprived Human Rights, egregious violations of international law, military occupation and dead bodies.

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Dr. Zafar Baloch (BHRC) speech to the conference on South Asia

Honourable Members of Parliament,

Ladies and Gentlemen

South Asia is a land where the ancient and the modern co-exist without boundaries. This is true, not only in terms of technology but also at the level of thought, beliefs, and culture. It is a land of contrast in every aspect of life and society. Today’s South Asia cannot be detached from its history of cultural diversity, British Raj, and the division that took place in 1947. Past has a way of haunting the present when it comes to the long-term ills of separation and loss of identity as a people.

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Genocide and gross human rights violations in Balochistan

by South Asia News

Balochistan, November 08: The Pakistani province of Balochistan seems to be perpetually in a state of crisis. Incidents of target killings and bomb blasts are on the rise. Young people often go missing and leaders are targeted and killed in the region. The people of Balochistan say that the Pakistan government and its law enforcement agencies are to blame for violations of human rights in this province. In 2010, violence has surged in Balochistan. Human rights activists are concerned about an increase in target killings. Human Rights group Amnesty International called on Pakistan to investigate the torture and killing of more than 40 political leaders and activists in the region from June to September in 2010 against a backdrop of increasing political unrest and Pakistani military activities in the southwestern province which borders Iran and Afghanistan.

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Pakistan urged to investigate murder and torture of Baloch activists

Amnesty International Press Release
26 October 2010

The Pakistani government must investigate the torture and killings of more than 40 Baloch leaders and political activists over the past four months, Amnesty International said today.

Activists, politicians and student leaders are among those who have been targeted in enforced disappearances, abductions, arbitrary arrests and cases of torture and other ill-treatment. The violence takes place against a backdrop of increasing political unrest and Pakistan army operations in Balochistan, south western Pakistan.
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Sardar Nadir Gichki shot dead in Tump

BLF blames Sarkari Lashkar (govt sponsered forces) for murdering Baluch leader

Occupied Baluchistan: Sardar Nadir Jan Gichki of the royal family of Mekran was gunned down outside a mosque in Tump on Wednesday evening.

According to details four assailants, in a red-coloured car, intercepted Nadir and sprayed him with bullets, killing him instantly. He received several bullet injuries all over his body. According to an eyewitness reached by telephone, the vehicle that the assailants were driving bore an Iranian registration number, presumably to mislead investigators and people, or used the Iranian number plate to cover up the murder of this renowned personality of Mekran.
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Pakistan Army Death Squads Conspire to Eliminate Baloch Intelligentsia

Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada
Press Release

TORONTO, July 14, 2010 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) has expressed serious concern over the recent targeted killings of Baloch political leaders in Kech Makuran and Quetta. In an urgently issued press release, BHRC condemned in strongest words the extra judicial assassinations of Mr. Maula Bakhsh Dashti and Mr. Habib Jalib in Balochistan.

Mr. Dashti was gunned down on July 11, 2010 by unknown assailants in Kech Makuran. He was a central committee member of National Party, former chairman of Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Awami), and district Nazim Turbat during the Musharraf era.
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