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BSO-Azad protest rallies in Karachi and Gomazi against the killing of Baloch leaders

KARACHI: Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) hold a massive protest rally from Arts Council to Karachi press club against the killing of BSO-Azad’s central Secretary General Raza Jahangeer and BNM’s leader Imdad Baloch. The participants of rally were holding placards and banners inscribed different slogans against the Pakistan army aggression and Baloch genocide. While addressing the rally, BSO-Azad’s leaders have said that, yesterday Pakistan army besieged the “Absar” area of Turbat and attacked the house of BNM’s leader Imdad Baloch, and killed the BSO-Azad’s central Secretary General Raza Jahangir and Imdad Baloch, a leader of BNM. Pakistani forces for hiding their brutality and terrorism, later tried to show the peaceful political leaders as terrorists, but world knows that, the Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan and brutalities against the Baloch nation are the biggest terrorism; as Pakistan is committing crimes in Balochistan from 1948.
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