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Remembrance Day of Baloch fallen heroes held in London

Remembrance Day-London-2013

London: Baloch Community London and IVBMP organised an event on the National Remembrance Day of Baloch heroes of liberation struggle at Cumberland Hotel in London on Wednesday.

A fair number of Baloch, Sindhi and other human rights and political activist attended the gathering to pay their respects and homage to Baloch national martyrs. The meeting began with Baloch national anthem and two minutes of silence in respect of thousands of Baloch men and women who laid their lives while defending Balochistan against foreign forces.

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Report: The sons of soil who laid down their lives for the freedom of Balochistan -Year 2012

List of 226 fallen heroes in 2012 for the freedom of Baloch motherland

Introduction “Background”

Baloch Martrys 2012Balochistan is a vast yet sparsely populated country occupied and divided forcefully by Iran and Pakistan. For decades nationalist sentiments have driven the Baloch people to demand for an end to the occupation of their land. A renewed armed conflict for independence from Iran and Pakistan emerged at the beginning of this century, led by various organizations. The conflict has grown in its complexity often escalating when the governments on both sides of the Goldsmith line tried to find a military solution. One of the most improvised places in the subcontinent it is also one of the most isolated. Yet it is the richest land in resources like oil, gas and minerals. A scattered population, no international media access and low education ratio also make it a safe place for military might like Iran and Pakistan to keep on conducting human rights abuses. The ethnically different armies have been given a free hand to conduct massacres, kidnapping, ethnic cleansing and other inhuman tactics to suppress the freedom movement. Large numbers of Baloch have been forced to live as refugees either in Afghanistan or as internally displaced people. The issue of enforced disappearances is one of the many tragedies the nation is facing today. The educated and nationalist people are haplessly whisked away on daily basis by the Pakistani and Iranian armies. Most of them are then killed extra judicially in a systematic way and their bodies are dumped often unrecognisable.

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