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Balochistan: Pakistani force attacked a football match and abducted four Baloch players


BALOCHISTAN: Pakistan paramilitary FC and their local collaborators attacked a football match in Mastung Balochistan and abducted at least four players on Sunday.

Balochwarna News sources reported the Pakistani forces surrounded the football ground in Killi Sargad area of Kardgaap in Mastung and kept the hundreds of people hostage for several hours before abducting four Baloch footballers.

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Death of Innocence in Lyari by Shahzaib Baloch

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On Wednesday night Lyari witnessed the worst terrorist attack in its history. “Tonight there’s going to be a huge crowd,” 17-year old Abdul Basit told his family. “I’ll need to get there early if I’m going to grab the perfect spot to enjoy the final.” With those parting words he headed out to Mir Ghus Baksh Bizenjo Park, known locally as Bizenjo Chowk , to watch the final match of the street football tournament. His father Abdul Rashid, a rickshaw driver, and his mother could not know that this would be the last time they saw their son. Abdul Rashid’s rickshaw had broken down a couple of weeks before and the family was now totally dependent on 17-year-old Abdul Basit’s daily wage. Basit was auto-mechanic. He worked all day long in a tiny shop to earn a mere couple of hundred rupees a week. Before returning home on Wednesday, he had asked the tournament organizers to tell him the exact kick-off time for the final. He wanted to be sure to get there in time to secure a good seat from which to enjoy the action. The football tournament takes place on the streets of Lyari every evening during the holy month of Ramadan.

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