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An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making

An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making:

BHRC (Canada) Responds to Accusations by Ahmer Mustikhan

Toronto, Jan.-12-12 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) has expressed concern over the string of emails received by BHRC office bearers in Toronto and Vancouver from Ahmer Mustikhan, a self-proclaimed journalist and resident of Washington, DC. The disturbing contents of the emails stated baseless accusations and threats to Aziz Baloch, Vice President, BHRC (Canada) and co-ordinator, International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. In his emails, Mustikhan, founder of American Friends of Balochistan, accused Aziz Baloch of supporting a murder that took place in Balochistan (southwest province of Pakistan). Furthermore, in his emails, Mustikhan threatened Aziz Baloch that he would report him to the Canadian authorities, police, and RCMP for his alleged support to terrorism and murdering of civilians, namely Imtiaz Ahmed of Balochistan National Party by Baloch militants in late December 2010. This document is a case presentation of Mustikhan’s history of yellow journalism, blackmail, extortion, harassment, and intimidation of Baloch political personalities and activists. He calls his writings ‘guerrilla journalism’ and believes that he can get whatever he wants from his victims by intimidating them of dire consequences if the demands were not met.

Read:  BHRC Letterhead – response to Mustikhan in PDF

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URGENT APPEAL: Two involuntarily disappeared persons found dead

American Friends of Balochistan

Liberation is a fundamental right of every nation

July 27, 2010

ATTN. Mr T. Kumar
Asia Director
Amnesty International &
other honorable officials and volunteers;
Washington DC

Dear Mr.T. Kumar,

Please see herewith a news item related to the extra judicial killing of two enforced and involuntarily disappeared persons Ashfaq Mullahzai, 25, and Farooq Mengal, 30, in Occupied Balochistan.

The two were in the custody of Pakistan’s secret service for more than two months.

There are more than 1,000 involuntarily disappeared persons in Occupied Balochistan, where the Baloch people are engaged in a struggle for freedom from Pakistan.
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A.F.B supports Hyrbyair Marri statement, calls Jangyz a ‘Bollywood villian’

American Friends of Balochistan
– Liberty is a fundamental right of all nations
Press release – June, 20, 2010

WASHINGTON DC, June 20, 2010: The pro-independence American Friends of Balochistan has lauded the statement of Balochistan national hero Hyrbyair Marri in which he castigated his elder brother Jangyz Marri for becoming a tout of the Pakistani establishment.

“For quite too long, Baloch notable families have played a double game. They secretly did business with Islamabad on the one hand, while posing as champions for the Baloch cause on the other. This trend is still in place. But Hyrbyair Marri has made it clear one can not have the best of both worlds when the Baloch people are giving yeoman sacrifices for realization of their dream of national independence,” the A.F.B. said in a statement Sunday.
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Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances in Occupied Balochistan, Pakistan

American Friends of Balochistan
-Liberty is a fundamental right of every nation.

June 18, 2010

Messrs Emmanuel Pinada, Sebastian Rosales and Omar Rabi
Permanent Missions of France, Argentine and Morocco,

Dear Messrs Pinada, Rosales and Rabi:

We really appreciate your work aimed at saving human lives.

In this context, we would like to attract your attention to Occupied Balochistan, where there is one of the largest numbers of enforced and involuntarany disappearances [EIDs] anywhere in the world.

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Rogue state of Pakistan violating Western laws, says A.F.B

GENEVA, JUNE 16: A Balochistan independence worker warned the Western world and the Baloch Diaspora about rogue state of Pakistan and some roguish elements masquerading as Baloch activists who are hell bent upon damaging the Baloch fight for peace, justice and liberty.

Addressing a Press conference in the presence of Mehran Baluch, Baloch people’s representative at the U.N. Human Rights Council at the Geneva Press Club here on Wednesday morning, Ahmar Mustikhan, founder of the American Friends of Balochistan blasted Pakistan intelligence services for shadowing and hounding Baloch independence activists in spite of the freedoms of the West.

Mustikhan also cautioned the Baloch Diaspora against the Fifth Column in their rank whose loyalties are unclear and whose main task seems to be confusing the international movement for the liberation of Balochistan.

Following is the full text of Mustikhan’s speech:
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Free Balochistan is the hope for peace

American Friends of Balochistan protest rally outside the White House in Washington D.C. Friday to mark the 12 anniversary of Pakistan testing of nuclear weapons in Occupied Balochistan.

Laurie Deamer’s speech on May 28 Washigton DC protest

Good afternoon.

A cursory literary analysis of the work of poet Mansur Baloch highlights his portrayal of a fisherman who through his constant crying is mistakenly thought to be mad, but the fact is that he weeps for a cause. He weeps because he thinks of Balochistan. He imagines that everything is weeping, including the deep impassable sea, which is filled with his tears of blood.

The poet’s graphic characterization of his grieving homeland is all too appropriate for the occasion we mark today. For today we join in him in mourning Balochistan’s losses resulting from the leadership of Pakistan’s nuclear test initiative at Chagai Hills, twelve years ago. We mourn the fundamental loss of Baloch liberty which undergirded the decision to test, and the loss of entitlement to basic human rights, already in short supply in the underdeveloped province.

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Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri conveys best wishes to North American activists

Legendary Baloch leader and Baba-i-Azadi founder of the liberation movement, Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, has conveyed his best wishes to the Baloch pro-independence workers in North America.

The message was conveyed through an intermediary, who is himself a prominent activist.

Nawab Marri has been the main face of the Baloch resistance for nearly four decades and it is his vision and steadfastness that has kept the Baloch struggle alive. His son, Mir Bala’ach Marri, 41, gave his life for Balochistan as he struggled to get the birth rights of the Baloch people.
A second son Mir Hyrbyair Marri is considered a Baloch national hero, along with Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch.

It is a matter of great pride for American Friends of Balochistan and fraternal Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada to get this message from Nawab Marri.

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