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American-Baluch Council’s letter to the Honorable Congressman Rohrabacher supporting Baluchi-program by VOA

The Honorable Congressman Dana Rohrabacher                              July 23, 2018

The United States Congress

Washington, DC

Re: A Baluch-Program by VOA

Dear Honorable Congressman Rohrabacher:

I have the honor to present this letter to thank you for your championship of liberty and to ask for your support for a Baluch-language program by VOA. Such a program will: definitely attract millions of Baluch viewers; improve the US image among Baluch by promoting American values such as democracy, rule of law, and human rights; counter the hateful propaganda of religious extremists in Baluchistan; counter the ongoing campaign by Iran and Pakistan (the main sources of Shiite and Sunni terrorism respectively) to Talibanize the Baluch population; and serve the overall US strategic interests in the region. In addition, VOA already broadcasts in all other languages spoken in Iran (Persian, Kurdish, Azari, Arabic). Therefore, a Baluchi program will also fill a very important gap in VOA coverage.

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