Zahadan: 41 Baloch Female Students Fainted Due To Poisonous Gas

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Iran-administered Balochistan reported its first case of student poisoning on March 7, 2023.

On March 7, Ali Abdol Rezagh Nejad, crisis secretary at Zahedan University of Medical Sciences, announced that 41 students suffering from nausea and abdominal pain were transferred to medical centers throughout Zahedan. 

The first incident of poisoning of female schools came to light in November last year, and since then dozens of girls’ schools across Iran have been attacked with poisonous materials. 

Strong protests by citizens following the escalation of the Iran incident, forced the government officials to acknowledge the severity of the incidents, despite initially dismissing them. However, no further details regarding the incident from the side of the government have been released to the media.

Due to Zahedan’s ongoing weekly Friday protests, it is noteworthy that whoever is conducting these attacks had not yet conducted one in Zahedan until this point.

Abdol Hamid, a prominent Sunni cleric, blamed the regime for the poisonings in Zahedan. he called on government officials to close schools until the cause of the poisonings is discovered and stated that “agents [of the poisonings] are likely in the system.”

Translation: Ensuring the safety of students and schools is the duty of the government. Due to the government’s inability to perform this duty and the priority of the health and safety of students and teachers and the public concern regarding the crime of poisoning, whose agents are probably from within the system, schools should be closed until the situation is clarified.

Abdol Hamid’s rhetoric may spread the perception inside the country that the regime was complicit in the chemical attacks.

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