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Los Churreteros

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Sheikh Saadi in a hikayat about a vulture and a kite in Bostan narrates that a vulture told a kite: “No one has a better vision than mine.” The kite said it easily can be tested and asked what it could see in the plains. The vulture looked around and said if you believe me I can see a grain of wheat at a distance of a day’s journey. The kite was truly surprised and they started to descend towards the grain and surprisingly, there it was. As the vulture tried to pick it, a snare snapped around its neck. The vulture’s good sight but lack of vision had become the reason for its entrapment. The kite said what use is the sight that sees a single grain from afar, but does not discern the snare that lies in wait.

The vision of the elite here is like that of the vulture transfixed on the single objective: continuation of their illegal and unjust rule. They think that if not allowed to rule this godforsaken place eternally, all the ‘good work’ they have done in the eight years will go to waste. Little do they realise that due to their obduracy, intransigence and ineptitude, the noose of disaster, devastation and desolation has tightened around the neck of our body politic.

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Jan 30: Martyrs of Mastung

Dr.  Manan Baloch, his Colleagues Murdered in Cold Blood by Pakistani ISI



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