BLF Pay Rich Tribute to Martyrs Of Gwarkop

Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), while paying tribute to the martyrs of Gwarkop, said that four Sarmachars (freedom Fighters) were martyred in the clash with the Pakistani army. They fought the enemy very bravely even though the occupying Pakistan army received air support during the clash with Baloch freedom fighters. 

Major Gwahram Baloch said that on January 16, 2023, Pakistan Army’s spy and drone aircrafts began an aerial surveillance of the eastern hills of Gwarkop in Kech district. Absorbing the situation, Sarmachar immediately moved away from their location which was being watched by the spy aircrafts. A drone fired three missiles there before sunset the same day, but before that the Sarmachars had left the site.

Sarmachars formed small groups and departed from the location in different directions. Due to Sarmachars leaving the area in the dark, the enemy did not succeed even with its constant aerial surveillance by spy planes and bombardment by drones.

Major Gwahram said that during this time, surveillance of spy and drone planes has been going on for two consecutive days.

According to the spokesman, on January 17, 2023, around 11:00 am, Pakistan army gunship helicopters landed commandos in the same mountain range some distance away from the Sarmachar camp. Sarmachars took position and attacked the Pakistan army fiercely, thus a long clash started between the occupying army and the Sarmachars which lasted for three hours.

The spokesman said that many commandos of Pakistan army were killed and injured in this clash, while four Sarmachars Amir Khan alias Abid Jan, Yahya Jan alias Qambar Jan, Raza alias Gazian and Mumtaz alias Mulla Yasir were martyred in defense of the motherland.

According to the statement, during the clash, three missiles were fired by the Pakistan army drones, but they could not target the Sarmachars engaged in the skirmish. Shaheed Abid Jan, and Shaheed Gazian Jan, bodies had only one bullet wound each. It is likely that they committed martyrdom by following the policy of killing themselves with the last bullet.

He said that Aamir Khan alias Abid Jan son of Miskan residence of Tejaban, Hoshab was associated with the armed struggle since 2014 and was affiliated with BLF since December 24, 2018. He was holding the rank of Captain at the time of his martyrdom. He was an educated and politically conscious youth. He developed a good relationship with the local people of the area wherever he was assigned any responsibility.

Yahya Jan alias Qamber Jan, son of Dr. Asmi resident of Pedark Drmakol, served in the urban network for the first two years. On May 25, 2022, he joined the camp of Sarmachars in the mountains of Balochistan. He was a brave warrior.

Raza alias Gazain son of Wahid Bakhsh resident of Gwarkop Salach joined the armed struggle from the platform of BLF in 2015 and was engaged in a continuous struggle against the enemy till his martyrdom.

In this clash, Mumtaz alias Mulla Yasir son of Qazi, a fighter of our brother organization the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), was martyred. He was affiliated with the armed struggle for the independence of Balochistan since 2017.

The spokesperson paid homage to the martyred Sarmachars and said that their blood will not go in vain. The ultimate sacrifice of the Baloch martyrs is to liberate Balochistan and freedom will be the destiny of the Baloch because they are fighting for the truth and the defense of their motherland. Victory and success always belong to truth.

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