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Baloch Canadians Pay Rich Tribute to Saen G.M. Syed on his 119th Birth Anniversary

World Sindhi Congress (Canada) hosted the 119th birth anniversary of Saen G.M. Syed, in which Pashtuns, Baloch, Sindhis, and political activists took part to remember the life and struggle of Saen G.M. Syed, the founder of modern Sindhi nationalism. Saen G.M. Syed was born on January 17, 1904, in Sann, Sindh. He grew up in Sindh, a dominion under the colonial rule of the British Empire.

G.M. Syed’s first love was Sufi poetry and the teachings of Shah Latif Bhittai, the mystic philosopher poet of 17th-century Sindh. His vision of Sindh and the world was deeply inspired and molded by Sufism and the political atmosphere of the Indian Subcontinent.

Full Text of Speech by Nader Baloch

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