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What Songs Sangat Sana Sang?

The policy of repression in Balochistan has always been indiscriminate, but now it is the students who bear the brunt.

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The world knows Balochistan as the 44 per cent land mass of Pakistan, but most do not know that becoming part of Pakistan was not its own choice. It wanted coexistence, but was forced to merge with Pakistan. Moreover, it isn’t ‘terra nullius’ (nobody’s land), but is seen as such. There are people in Balochistan too; people whose lives have been destroyed by injustices that they have been subjected to since the forced merger on March 27th 1948.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s use of force to make Khan accede forever forfeited civilians’ say in Balochistan’s matters and gave unchallenged dominance to the military. This injustice also resulted in the Baloch people’s eternal mistrust in Pakistan; prompting resistance which to date has not only continued but intensified in proportion to atrocities and injustices against the Baloch people.

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