Solidarity And Unity Of Kurdish and Baloch People In Oslo, Norway

Baluchistan Human Rights Association (BHRA) Norway, participated in a protest held in front of Norwegian Parliament building against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to social media reports, thousands of people gathered on Saturday, in front of Norwegian Parliament building in Oslo, Norway to honor the memory of the martyrs of Baluchistan and Kurdistan.

This demonstration showed that the unity and solidarity of the Kurdish and Baluch nations is unbreakable not only inside the geography of Iran, but also outside the country.

BHRA appealed to the international community to take notice of Baluch genocide committed by fascist mullah regime of Iran. 

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the police have killed at least 144 peaceful protesters in Zahedan, Khash and the rest of Baluchistan since Friday, September 30 this year.

At least 16 of these were children. Evidence collected by Amnesty International shows that most victims were shot in the head, heart, neck and torso, revealing a clear intent to kill or seriously injure.

The Iranian government oppresses the country’s population, but the most brutal oppression is in Baluchistan. They respond to protests and peaceful actions with tear gas, weapons of war and lethal bullets.

The violence of Iranian police forces against protesters in Baluchistan is so brutal and ruthless that Amnesty International, in its report on the massacres in Zahedan and Khash, warned the UN and the international community about the genocide in Baluchistan.

The total number of people killed by the authorities in Iran after the uprising began is believed to be 350. The Baluch make up 4.7% of the country’s population, but 40% of those killed are ethnic Baluch.

Over 430 protesters have been injured after being shot, and over 700 have been arrested. Political prisoners are subjected to systematic torture and risk the death penalty.

So far, in 2022, 149 Baloch prisoners have been executed in Iranian prisons. The number amounts to 30% of presumed executions this year.

The Iranian religious government and with its state terrorism are committing crimes against humanity in Baluchistan.

We appeal to the UN, Norwegian authorities and the international community to stop the brutal genocide in Baluchistan. 

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