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Forced or volitional?

The problem of missing persons and torture is not a new phenomenon here. It has been practiced against dissidents the establishment felt threatened by, with varying degrees of brutality and gruesomeness. Balochistan has had more than a fair share of disappeared persons

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

“Speech is silver but silence is golden” is an adage that Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the chief minister of Balochistan and chief of Sarawan, either never heard of or decided to ignore. A few days back in a press-talk at Khuzdar he came up with an outrageously insensitive and preposterous statement that most of the missing persons had “deliberately gone underground to malign the country’s intelligence agencies”.

Reiteration of Musharraf and Rehman Malik’s theory of volitional disappearances by one who as a tribal chief and chief of Sarawan is under moral obligation to protect the rights of any Baloch who has been wronged is beyond comprehension. Aslam Raisani’s statement has added insult to a grievous injury. He has forfeited his moral right to represent the Baloch people either as a chief or a chief minister.

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