Can Those Who Forcefully Disappeared Lala Faheem Be Brought To Justice? – Sammi Deen Baloch

Sammi Deen Baloch from her social media twitter account said Lala Faheem Baloch, the manager of Ilm-O-Adab Publishers, has been released, who was forcibly disappeared from the office of  Ilm-O-Adab Publishers Karachi on August 26 this year.

The leader of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons further said that where and why Lala Faheem Baloch was kept for three months, how was he treated, can the law enforcement agencies bring those who violate the laws to justice?

It should be noted that Lala Faheem, who was forcibly disappeared by Pakistani law force agencies, was released last night in Karachi and he has safely reached home.

Lala Faheem Baloch, Manager of Ilm-O-Adab Publishers, was arrested and taken away by law enforcement officials from Urdu Bazar area of​​ Karachi on Friday evening 26 August 2022. After which the CCTV footage of this incident went viral. In the footage, it can be seen that the Sindh police and some plainclothes officers are taking him away from the office of Ilm-O-Adab Publishers.

Ilm-O-Adab Publishers is a well-known publishing house in Pakistan, where Balochi literature and research books in other languages are published.

Lala Faheem Baloch belongs to the Washbod area of ​​Panjgur district of Balochistan. He is the manager of Ilm-O-Adab Publishers while also the editor of Saday and Samahi Gadan Panjgur.

Courtesy: The Balochistan Post

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