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Khudanoor Lajai, The Story Of A Baluch “Homo Sacer” In The Land Of The Bloodthirsty Mullahs

On October 2, 2022, a young Baloch named Khudanoor Lajai was seriously injured during anti-regime protests in Zahedan, capital of Sistan-Balochistan. He later died because the Iranian regime’s hospital refused him treatment. Sometime before, he had been arrested and tortured and tied to an Iranian flag pole overnight by the Iranian police for an argument with the son of a member of the Basiji paramilitaries. His story deserves to be told.

What happened to Khudanoor? What is the story of this photo? How was he killed?

“There are non-citizens who have neither identity papers nor property, but who are ready to work to build a better world. »

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Balochistan: 3 BLA Fighters, 15 Pakistani Troops Killed in Bolan Operation

15 personnel of the Pakistan army while 3 members of the Baloch Liberation Army were killed in the Bolan operation, BLA statement on Thursday said.

According to a “pro-independence” armed group BLA, its fighters have successfully “repulsed a major Pakistani military offensive” during a week-long intense operation in Bolan area of Balochistan.

The group said that fifteen soldiers of the Pakistan army were killed and more than a dozen were injured during the operation. “Three brave comrades of BLA embraced martyrdom, by following the philosophy of using the last bullet on themselves while defending the motherland,” the group said.

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