Khumar Baloch Target-Killed by ISIS in Balochistan

Pakistan’s former Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, talking to the press, ruled out the presence of ISIS militants in Pakistan. In June 2017 Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti told the media, “ISIS has no existence in Balochistan.” These are all lies. ISIS, not only does exist but the Islamist terror organization has training camps throughout Balochistan and runs death squads under the patronage of the Pakistan Army.

Abdul Majeed Bizenjo, a former Member of Provincial Assemble (MPA) Balochistan (1988-1990) is leading ISIS in Awaran. He was nominated by Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) from district Khuzdar (PB-32 Khuzdar-III) to the Provincial Assemble of Balochistan. His son Jameel Bizenjo handles the day-to-day terror operations of the Islamic State under his father’s supervision. Both, father and son are affiliated with, and take instructions from Shafeeq Mengal who heads the entire ISIS network in Balochistan.

Other than forwarding their sectarian (anti-Shiite) agenda, the ISIS-linked death squad targets the Zikri Baloch (Sufis) and the Baloch nationalists who are fighting against the Pakistani state for the independence of Balochistan.

Abdul Quddus Bizenjo; the other son of Abdul Majeed Bizenjo is the heir apparent to his political constituency, contested the 2013 general elections from district Awaran (PB-41 Awaran), Balochistan. The general elections were widely boycotted by the Baloch nationalists and pro-independence parties with an overall voter turnout of 1.18 per cent in this particular constituency. Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, nominated by Pakistan Muslim League (Q) was declared winner with only 544 votes. Mir Hidayatullah of the National Party, who bagged 95 votes, was the runner-up. Of the 57,666 registered votes in the constituency, only 672 were cast.

Ironically, Abdul Quddus Bizenjo after becoming MPA was promoted by the state’s hidden hands to the position of Deputy Speaker of Balochistan Assembly.

On October 23, 2016, armed terrorists of ISIS stationed an ambush on the road near Pelar village in the union council of Korak, tehsil Jhal Jhao, district Awaran – their target was Khumar Baloch, the Deputy Organizer of Jhao chapter of BSO-Azad.

A student of Inter College Awaran, Khumar son of Muhammed Ishaq was born on February 5, 1996 in Koharoo, a village of tehsil Jhal Jhao.  He was a committed activist of BSO-Azad, who even under harsh repression from the Pakistani state forces, remained among his people to organize and politically educate them.

ISIS has a camp in the mountains of Pelar region run by its regional commander, Farooq s/o Ghafoor Baloch, a veteran of Afghan jihadist war.

The morning of that fateful day, Khumar left his village with a friend to visit Durra-e-Beet, a village in tehsil Jhao. ISIS snipers, under the command of Farooq, knowing the whereabouts of Khumar Baloch, were waiting for him to enter the range of their guns. The first bullet struck Khumar from behind while his friend was driving the motorbike. He told his friend that he has been hit but before they could take cover burst of bullets hit him, and he fell from the bike along with his friend.

Bullets kept raining on the two fallen men but his friend was able to take cover. At this point some villagers from the nearby farms rushed to see what was happening. Viewing the villagers approaching, the ISIS terrorists fled the scene. When his friend and the villagers came to the rescue of Khumar Baloch; lying in a pool of his own blood, he had breathed his last. Khumar had sacrificed his life for the love of his motherland.

The four villagers who brought the body of Khumar Baloch to Durra-e-beet were arrested by the Pakistan army. The ISIS terrorists who killed him are still at large. The villagers were eventually released after being tortured and beaten for four months by the soldiers.  Pakistan Army was obviously not happy with the villagers because their intervention stopped the terrorists from completing their task of eliminating both the activists.

Durra-e-Beet became the last destination of Khumar Baloch, where he was laid to rest as a hero of the Baloch Nation.

Pakistan’s state policy of using terrorism as a tool is not limited to Balochistan; its far reaching implications are spread throughout the world. The West and the civilized world need to understand the mindset of the Pakistani jihadist state, its army and the blackmailing tactics of the nuclear-armed Islamabad. If the international community does not take action against this “state of terror” fast enough, it will destroy and destabilize the whole region.

Baloch nation shall be remembered in history for cautioning the world about Pakistan’s destructive designs, and also as the people who stood alone to fight the evil for their own independence and peace on the planet earth.

Long Live Free and United Balochistan

Resistance until Victory

Baloch Vanguards

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