Mir Mehrullah Khan Mengal passed away

Mir Mehrullah Khan Mengal, younger brother of veteran Baloch leader late Sardar Attaullah Mengal, passed away.

According to sources, he was ill for a long time and died on Sunday morning (9 Oct 2022).

Mir Mehrullah Khan Mengal was also associated with the Baloch movement, for which he also suffered imprisonment. Mir Mehrullah Khan Mengal has also been the chairman of Khuzdar district.

According to family sources, his funeral prayer will be offered on Monday, in Bela and Fatiha and condolence will be accepted by Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal and Sardar Asadullah Mengal and other relatives in Wadh.

Mir Mehrullah Khan Mengal endured torture and imprisonment in the Ayubi dictatorship, fought against the oppressive atrocities of the Bhutto regime, and lived in exile in Afghanistan for a long time, enduring various hardships and sufferings.

It is noteworthy that when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto dismissed the first elected National Awami Party (NAP) government of Balochistan, who’s Chief Minister was Sardar Attaullah and Governor Mir Ghous Bakhsh, and later banned NAP, this illegal dismissal strengthened the armed resistance in Balochistan.

After the Marri area, the armed resistance intensified in the Mengal areas which was led by Mir Mehrullah Khan Mengal.

Source: The Balochistan Post

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