People were killed by sniper shooters: Maulvi Abdul Hameed

DUZZAP: A well-known Baloch religious scholar from Iranian Occupied Balochistan, Maulvi Abdul Hameed, has issued a message regarding the incident that happened in Zahedan after Friday prayers on September 30, and termed the incident as a tragedy and called for legal action against those who killed people.

“The bullets have been fired into the heads and hearts of most of the worshipers, and it is clear that it was the work of snipers,” said the Friday prayer Imam.

Explaining the Zahedan massacre, Maulvi Abdul Hameed said: “A few minutes after the Friday prayer, gunshots were heard. Later it was found that some youths gathered in front of the nearby police station after offering prayers and shouting slogans and some of them pelted stones at the police station”.

According to him, he has been informed that “Special forces, who appear to have already been deployed at the police station, started firing on people, not only at the youths gathered in front of the police station but firing was fired at other people offering prayers.”

He further said that armed men dressed in plain clothes stationed on the rooftops of the houses were firing at the people going back to their homes and most of the bullets were fired at the heads and hearts of these worshipers and it is clear that this was done by snipers. Maulvi Abdul Hameed described the incident as “a great atrocity.”

The Imam of Friday prayers criticized the police and said why the police did not use tear gas to disperse the people.

It should be noted that his statement came at a time when IRGC officials have said that they are taking “severe revenge against the terrorists” and IRGC Commander-in-Chief Hussain Salami threatened yesterday that “Zahedan Avenging the blood of the victims of the Black Friday crime is included in our agenda.

It should be noted that a call for a rally on Friday was issued against the rape of a Baloch girl by the commander of the Iranian forces, Colonel Ibrahim Kochzai, in Chabahar, a coastal region of Iranian-occupied Balochistan.


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